HR tech interview: Shanna Landolt President of The Landolt Group and Secrets From A Headhunter

We caught up with Shanna Landolt President of The Landolt Group and Secrets From A Headhunter, new Editor of Recruitment Strategy here at the Gazette, and.. sponsor and host of SocialHRCamp Toronto 2014, to get her insights on the upcoming event:

Editor: Tell us a bit about your personal career history and what brought you to your current company?

SL: I started working in Executive Search unexpectedly.  I spent the first part of my career working in the Theatre.  I understudied and performed the role of Fantine in the Toronto production of Les Miserables.  After doing a combination of performing and waitressing, I accepted a contract travelling through Europe on a Cruise Ship, singing and dancing in their shows.  It was really an amazing experience.  After a year of that I decided to come back to Toronto.  The Theatre World was really slow, so I thought I would get into PR. Every recruiter I met said “Wow – you would be a great recruiter”. Finally 1 person too many said that and I figured that I should start listening.  I joined an executive search company as an assistant to a team of recruiters. Within a year, I became a recruiter! I spent the next 15 years working for two executive search firms.  After building the Life Sciences Practice at a large retained firm, I was looking at what was next for my career.  I was already a VP and  knew that I didn’t want to be a partner at that firm.  I had always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Finally I got the courage to start The Landolt Group and it was the best career decision I ever made.  Then two years later I founded Secrets From a Headhunter when I realized that I had systems in place that were valuable for both job seekers as well as HR Executives.


Editor: Can you tell us a bit about what your company does for HR professionals? 

SL: I own two companies – The Landolt Group Inc., which specializes in pharmaceutical and biotechnology search,  but I’m at SocialHRCamp because of my company Secrets From a Headhunter.  I’ve developed a proprietary system called “The Best Referrals Hiring System”.  This system helps companies reduce their hiring costs by anywhere from 20-50%.  It uses their employee’s LinkedIn networks and combines them with tools used by Internet and Information Marketers to create a Viral Referral Chain.  It  has the potential to transform the way that companies hire.  We also work with senior executives to create compelling LinkedIn Profiles that are a match for their personal & corporate brand.


What is your target market? Please tell us a bit about typical companies which use your services?

SL: At Secrets From a Headhunter I work with companies who spend a minimum of 100K on recruitment yearly who are looking to reduce that amount. These companies can be in any industry, however they must be nimble enough to try new approaches for hiring.   I also work with Executives to create LinkedIn Profiles that are a match for their personality and corporate brand.  The Landolt Group specialises in Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Search.

How does SocialHRCamp fit with your brand objectives?

We are excited to get the word out about The Best Referrals Hiring System.  We are currently in the Beta Phase of our launch process.  I know that HR Executives will be blown away by the potential of this.  Also, my new book “Secrets From a Headhunter: LinkedIn Secrets For HR Professionals” should be released just before SocialHRCamp.

How do your product and services help HR professionals? 

SL: We help companies find the top referral candidates.  According to numerous studies, referral candidates perform 3%-15% better than hired from other sources.  Our system also re-engages employees in their commitment to their organization and positively impacts retention.

Why did your company choose to get involved with SocialHRCamp and what results are you hoping from the sponsorship?

SL: I’m committed to being a contribution to the HR Industry.  I know that the systems and processes that we have developed are not being used in the industry by our competitors.  I’m looking to pass on thought-leadership that can make a difference for HR Executives when they leave SocialHRCamp and go back to the office.

Editor: There are more hands-on sessions to help HR professionals strategically use social media and emerging HR/Recruitment technology at this year’s ‘unconference’ than ever before. The Camp’s session facilitators are experts in the fields of HR, Recruitment, Marketing, Social Media, Learning, Leadership and more, and will also be active participants throughout the day. Will your company be presenting a session? 

SL: Yes, I’m personally presenting and can’t wait!  The Topic is “Secrets LinkedIn Doesn’t Want You To Know To Improve Your Hiring Process”.  LinkedIn’s revenue model is largely based on job advertising.  However, there are secret strategies that companies can implement that will save you time and hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Companies will learn strategies that will save them big time on their recruitment budget.

landoltgroup100Editor: In your opinion, what will be the big HR and social media technological shifts and patterns of adoption in the workplace in the next 5 years?

SL: From a hiring perspective we are going to see an increase in micro-careers where people are contracting for a variety of companies, doing ONLY what they do best.  We are now entering another “War For Talent” with a shortage of skilled talent..  Candidates now understand that even if they are an employee with benefits, that every job is temporary.  Loyalty is no longer king – profitability is.  From a social media perspective, HR executives are being on the learning curve.  In the next 5-years the way companies recruit and hire will change.  Companies will have to learn how to sell their opportunities and market their organizations to engage the best talent.  Social Media already allows for an inside peek into organizations – this is going to be more and more important for companies to attract the best talent.

Editor: With low adoption of social media and HR technology within the HR Community it’s important that we introduce new technologies and push attendees beyond their comfort zones. How are you planning on doing this at SocialHRCamp Toronto 2014?

SL: I’m going to show companies a brand new way to hire referral candidates.  By borrowing technology that is hugely successful outside of HR, and applying it to hiring, we are going to transform how you recruit.  It’s really exciting!

Editor: How can people learn more about your services?

SL: Please visit  or

Editor: Thanks Shanna. Awesome interview! Anything to add? 

SL: Yes actually! As a LinkedIn Expert that has been interviewed by all the major Television networks, I promise that I have new strategies to offer that you have never thought about before.  My session will be on the leading edge, both strategically and technologically. Also, as the new Editorial Head of The HR Gazette’s Recruitment channel I’d invite collaborators to contact me at or complete the contact form on this site to learn about way to get featured and published.