Oops….Did You Leave Your LinkedIn Account Logged In?

Have you ever gone to a computer and logged into your LinkedIn account and then exited your browser when you were done?  Did you remember to actually sign out of your account? Most of us forget that step.  Every time you do this, you leave your LinkedIn account at risk for security violations.

Don’t worry!  LinkedIn has now put YOU in control and they have added more security to your experience.

Now you can check to see EVERYWHERE your LinkedIn Account is open.  When I checked my account, I was logged in 27 places!

Logged In 1

Go to your Settings and click on See Where You are Logged In.  If that setting isn’t active on your account yet, then go to: http://linkedin.com/settings/sessions

You will then see EVERYWHERE your account is logged in.  And, you have the ability to log out on an individual basis or you can log out everywhere.   If you see a session that you want to exit, just click Sign out.

I wasn’t concerned about being logged into Bangladesh as that is where my virtual assistant is.  However, I was surprised to see Quebec as I haven’t been to Quebec in the last 2 months.  Hmmmm….

Logged In 2


If you think that your LinkedIn account has been compromised, change your password right away. You do that by hovering over the small picture of you on the right hand side of your LinkedIn Profile.  Go to Privacy & Settings and click Review.

logged in 4

Click on the Account button on the left and then choose Change password on the right.

logged in 5

Take a minute once a month and check your account to see where you are signed in.  You’ll be happy you did.

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